A screenshot of a custom RoughDraftPro workflow within the Salsify interface.


Salsify users will love our integrated AI Content Creation workflow. Product bundles? Multiple content approvers? No problem. Once we've created your custom prompts, we'll create custom workflows to enhance your content process. Try for free in the Salsify Workflow Library.

A screenshot of RoughDraftPro in the Akeneo app store.


Customers of the Akeneo Cloud Edition (Serenity) will find RoughDraftPro in the Akeneo App Store. Give it a try today with a free trial! Your custom created prompt models will be available for your use, as well.

A screenshot of a completed CSV workflow within RoughDraftPro.


Build product content in our flexible Plezio environment. Our Google CSV-based solution gives you the flexibility to import and export data from any system.

We can also build custom integrations to your specifications, allowing you to leverage generative AI with the software that powers your business.

Learn more about our integrations here:

RoughDraftPro as a Salsify AI Tool

RoughDraftPro as an Akeneo AI Tool


RoughDraftPro is brought to you by the fine people at Sitation, a leader in product information management services.



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